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Survive the Spring Thaw with Plum Kernel Oil

Survive the Spring Thaw with Plum Kernel Oil | True Goods

Spring is springing, and the end of snowbound days are close enough to touch. Not only is it the time of year for daffodils and paper whites emerging from their underground beds, but it’s also the time of year for indecisive weather. And that, unfortunately, means cases of very confused skin. In times like these, moisturizers that are light, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing are a must. Enter your new favorite emollient ~ plum kernel oil.

What Does Detoxification Really Mean?

What Does Detoxification Really Mean?

What does it actually mean when someone says they’re doing a detox? There are many different kinds of detoxification protocols, and many perspectives on how they're done. For instance, doing a detox to enhance your health and address a specific condition is very different than doing a dietary cleanse twice a year. The truth is that detoxing, while something that we all feel we should do, may in fact not be a good idea for everyone. Dr. Mary Shackelton explains...

Venting Is Good + Other Tips to Detox Your Air

Home ventilation and indoor climate control are important, but removing the sources responsible for off-gassing is a more impactful first step. After all, prevention trumps remediation any day! Need some inspiration to tackle your own home detox? Here’s what I’m spritzing, scooping and savoring this spring cleaning season.

Purely Pampered Pregnancy

During my first pregnancy, I knew all about the benefits of massage for health, relaxation, mood, you name it. I figured that a more relaxed mom would lead to a lead to a less stressful in utero environment for my developing baby. What I didn’t know was that my go-to resources for pampering ~ massage, lotions, bath oils, candles, etc. ~ were directly impacting my health and that of my developing child.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Giving a meaningful gift to that special someone on Valentine’s Day just feels so right. Of course it’s the thought that truly counts, but still… Finding something thoughtful and original is key. Here's my updated cheat-sheet for choosing the best gifts to keep everyone on your list happy, healthy, hot-and-heavy this holiday!

Tip Four ~ Get Crafty

Rather than prepping those Black Friday shopping lists, how about putting together a list of all the supplies you’ll need to tackle a family DIY project over Thanksgiving weekend. You’ll need to be willing to get your hands a little dirty and plan ahead, but I guarantee these crazy fun DIY crafts are well worth the effort!

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