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Go Primal

Primal Pit Paste was born from Amy Cazin's quest to find natural and safe personal care products for her family to use ~ that actually work! When her grade school daughter came home one day with a noticeable body odor, she asked around and found out that other parents were noticing the same problem occurring, even as early as 2 years of age! Her mission became finding a product she felt was safe enough for her daughter to use, as she didn’t want to put toxic chemicals on her young child. However, she was never able to find a natural alternative that actually worked. Other parents were just as concerned about the chemicals in ordinary personal care products but felt the natural products they'd been using weren't very effective.

While training for several of her own athletic events, Amy also noticed that large company sponsors were promoting and giving out samples of deodorants containing toxic chemicals. With all the information out there about toxic chemicals in our food, it's become clear that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. Parabens and aluminums in deodorant, in particular, are becoming increasingly suspect in regards to cancer (specifically breast). Finally, the public is being advised to try and avoid these chemicals as a prevention tool.

Amy's concern turned to a primal energy to protect her daughter and provide the world with a safe alternative to harmful products. She turned that energy into research, and that research into Primal Pit Paste. Amy believes she's succeeded in making a healthy, organic deodorant that actually works for all types of moms, dads, kids and athletes alike. We truly agree!