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Nook Sleep Systems


Rest assured, family bedding truly doesn't get any better than Nook! Nook Sleep Systems is the only infant and family bedding line to consider human health and safety across platforms of breathability, non-toxicity and cleanliness in the creation of all of its products. Every detail from sleep surface to zipper is carefully considered, closely analyzed, and strictly tested for ultimate quality and purity.

Independently owned and operated, Nook's based in Southern California and sources as many organic materials and manufacturing processes as possible, including certified organic wool from family owned farms in California and Oregon, and organic cotton from Texas.

Eucalyptus, one of Nook's magic ingredients, quickly absorbs moisture during sleep, providing infants with comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. The unique fiber is naturally breathable, silky soft against sensitive infant skin, and is certified as one of the fastest growing renewable resources with the lowest environmental impact from harvesting of any other natural fiber.

All Nook products are consciously crafted based on years of research into the extremely harmful and unnecessary health effects that chemicals and VOCs have on infant and young children’s safety, sleeping habits, and overall development.

Rooted in a deep appreciation and understanding of the importance of investing in safe, breathable mattresses and non-toxic children’s products, Nook Sleep Systems has created perfectly pure, silky smooth, and eco-friendly sleep solutions for infants, growing children, and their parents.