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Billy's Infinity Greens

Infinity Greens ~ Organic Superfood Nutrition Capsules

$ 69.95 $ 61.95

Billy's Infinity Greens

Infinity Greens ~ Organic Superfood Nutrition Capsules

$ 69.95 $ 61.95

Boost your health with 36 superfoods in one serving of this organic algae-based superfood nutrition supplement from Billy's Infinity Greens. All ingredients come from remote regions all over the world and are proven to be effective.

They also boast special nutritive properties, and together support better detoxification, immunity, circulation, muscles, brain, joints, bones, digestion, liver, kidneys, pancreas, energy, and overall longevity. 

Bonus ~ there are 25 billion live probiotics per serving, which can improve intestinal function and help soothe common digestive disorders.


  • 480 capsules = 24 servings
  • Also comes in Superfood Powder
  • Can be mixed with any of Billy's other superfoods, like Immune Boosting Vitamin C Powder and Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder 
  • 100% Organic, Raw, Vegan, Grass-free, Gluten-free formula
  • No soy, whey, GMOs, fillers, sugar, gluten, or anything artificial
  • Amber glass bottle maintains full potency for one year
  • All ingredients are routinely tested to verify uncompromising purity


Infinity Greens fulfills two primary roles ~ it removes toxins and supplies restorative nutrients. The chlorophyll in conjunction with the aloe, nopal, enzymes and probiotics are responsible for removing the toxins. The blend of herbs and fruit extracts are then giving the nutritive support. Billy isn't allowed to make claims that Infinity Greens is a curative for diseases, however the biological facts of the superfood ingredients can speak for themselves.

All green superfood ingredients are organically grown (or harvested from the wild), dried at low temperatures, and ground into an organic nutrition powder. Designed to be taken in capsule form or mixed as superfood powder into water, juice, or smoothies. This assures a level of incomparable purity and potency.

This precision tuned green superfood blend, based on 17 years of research, is formulated to energize, rejuvenate, and transform. It's a true product of passion, and we're thrilled to share it with you.

Recommended Usage

How much should you take? To fulfill the stated benefits of these ingredients is a matter of 'more is always better.' Of course, up to a point, there wouldn't necessarily be any added benefit, but definitely no harm. Law of human and plant biology ~ these superfood ingredients work!

Bear in mind, Infinity Greens is a blend of 36 different superfoods, and to get a respectable quantity of each one requires more than just a serving. Here is what Billy recommends ~ over the course of one month increase to 20 capsules (or 4 heaping teaspoons of superfood powder). Take first thing in the morning with water or in a smoothie. We're confident you will feel the stated benefits. Let us know how it goes!

Can Infinity Greens help with weight loss?

Billy says yes! Here's why ~ toxins in the body are the number one reason why weight loss for many seems impossible. First, fat is simply fuel. However fat cells store toxins in order to protect our vital organs. The body is reluctant to burn this fat because the stored toxins would be dumped back into the bloodstream.

So the idea is to use Infinity Greens intensively for this very purpose. It's simple ~ remove toxins and now fat can be burned. The chlorophyll from all green foods in conjunction with exercise is the highest impact weight loss protocol.

Infinity Greens is grass free!

Wheatgrass in not used in this organic greens formula. Wheatgrass was introduced as a so-called superfood 30 years ago. The buzz about it was 'greens for pennies!' The catch is, the indigestible nature of grass causes wear and tear on the gastrointestinal system. Infinity greens is a blend of blue-green algae and herbs that have been in the human diet thousands of years and have proven to be substantially beneficial with no compromise to health.

The amber glass bottle is essential

The unique glass bottles with rubber sealed metal lids and oxygen absorber technology locks in nutrition and maintains the full potency of your green superfood purchase for over one year. No plastic will do this!

This is because all plastic containers off-gas toxins and leach oxygen over the course of just months, degrading the potential nutrition and purity of superfood contents. IG nutrient lock technology = protected purity for maximum potency!

Please do not refrigerate

Store your organic greens bottle at room temperature. Cold glass produces condensation on the inside of bottles, and moisture may weaken the potency of ingredients.

Greens Formula ~ 5,000 mg: Spirulina, Organic E3 Klamath Algae, Organic E3 Extract, Chlorella, Stinging Nettles

Herbal Complex ~ 2,300 mg: Organic Maca, Horsetail, Organic Burdock, Nopal Cactus, Organic Holy Basil, Organic Aloe Vera

Antioxidant Blend ~ 800 mg: Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Acerola Berry, Organic Amla Berry, Organic Acai Berry

Sea Vegetables ~ 600 mg: Organic Icelandic Kelp, Organic Dulse

Essential Fatty Acids ~ 500 mg: Sprouted Organic Flax Seed, Sprouted Organic Chia Seed

Probiotics ~ 400 mg: L. plantarum, L. paracasei, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus

Energetic Enhancement ~ 300 mg: Organic Ginger, Organic Cayenne, Himalayan Salt Crystals, Organic Stevia, Shilajit

Enzymes ~ 100 mg: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Bromelain, Papain, Alpha Galactosidase

Billy’s Infinity products blend together the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes available anywhere providing your body with everything you need nutritionally. In fact, they were created to replace your daily multivitamins!

Mother Nature ultimately provides the best nutrition, and that’s why every nutrient in Billy’s Infinity Greens, Infinity-C and Infinity Protein blends are absorbed and used by our bodies 100%.