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Billy's Infinity Greens

Infinity Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

$ 2.95

Billy's Infinity Greens

Infinity Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

$ 2.95

Billy's Infinity Greens' Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is made of the purest raw vegan superfoods on earth! Get the right amount of protein without resorting to soy or whey based formulas.

This pure, raw, vegan superfood protein supplement is 100% plant based, contains 18.2 grams of pure protein per serving with just 99 calories, and has nothing artificial ~ no soy, whey, fillers, GMOs, sugar, or gluten. 

It's specially formulated to keep you energized to help build lean muscle mass and is easy to mix into smoothies, water, or other recipes. It can also be mixed with other superfoods for an even bigger boost.


  • 17.6 oz = 19 servings / Sample = 1 serving
  • The purest protein on earth, made with only raw superfoods
  • Formulated to support optimal lean muscle development
  • Superior alternative to soy and whey protein powders
  • Can be mixed with any of Billy's other superfoods, like Immune Boosting Vitamin C Powder and Superfood Greens
  • 100% Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free formula
  • No soy, whey, GMOs, fillers, sugar, gluten, or anything artificial
  • Amber glass bottle maintains full potency for one year
  • All ingredients are routinely tested to verify uncompromising purity

Why Infinity Protein?

The Infinity Organic Plant-Based Protein blend contains the highest end protein superfoods and is formulated to support optimal lean muscle development. With over 10 years of research and formula testing, Billy guarantees you are using the most effective product available. Excellent health is your natural state, and it's Billy's mission to provide you with the most powerful protein blend for achieving this!

Recommended Usage

Mix 2 scoops of Infinity Protein into 8 ounces of pure water or smoothie. Best taken in the morning and/or immediately after exercise. For an adjunct to intense physical training, 2 to 3 servings per day is recommended. Infinity Protein can also be mixed with any of Billy's other superfoods. Store at room temperature.

The amber glass bottle is essential

The unique glass bottles with rubber sealed metal lids and oxygen absorber technology locks in nutrition and maintains the full potency of your green superfood purchase for over one year. No plastic will do this! 

This is because all plastic containers off-gas toxins and leach oxygen over the course of just months, degrading the potential nutrition and purity of superfood contents. IG nutrient lock technology = protected purity for maximum potency!

Please do not refrigerate

Store your organic greens bottle at room temperature. Cold glass produces condensation on the inside of bottles, and moisture may weaken the potency of ingredients.

100% Organic, Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free Ingredients ~ Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Hemp Protein, Nopal Cactus, Arctic Root, Vanilla Bean, Milk Thistle, Stevia, Enzymes (protease, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, cellulase, alpha-galactosidase)

Billy’s Infinity products blend together the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes available anywhere providing your body with everything you need nutritionally. In fact, they were created to replace your daily multivitamins!

Mother Nature ultimately provides the best nutrition, and that’s why every nutrient in Billy’s Infinity Greens, Infinity-C and Infinity Protein blends are absorbed and used by our bodies 100%.