2014 Baby Non-Toxic Shopping Guide ~ WVE – True Goods
2014 Baby Non-Toxic Shopping Guide ~ WVE

It’s here! Women’s Voices for the Earth’s first-ever Non-Toxic Baby Shopping Guide is live, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Unfortunately, lots of baby and mommy care products can contain toxic chemicals linked to cancers, reproductive harm, birth defects, asthma, learning disabilities, and other serious health problems. But how are you supposed to know which products contain these harmful ingredients? You shouldn’t have to have a Ph.D. to find the safest products for your little one.

That’s why Women’s Voices for the Earth went straight to the experts, and our very own Liz is proud to be one of them! The Guide has suggestions from heroines of the non-toxic movement on their favorite picks for safer baby and mommy products, including:

  • Mommy Personal Care ~ Elizabeth Wasserman, True Goods
  • Baby Feeding ~ Gigi Lee Chang, Healthy Child Healthy World
  • Baby Personal Care ~ Jennifer Taggart, The Smart Mama
  • Breastfeeding ~ Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, Toxic Baby Movie
  • Car Seats ~ Jennifer Canvasser, HealthyStuff.org
  • Diapering ~ Kristen Conn, Mighty Nest
  • Mattresses ~ Bobbi Chase Wilding, Clean & Healthy New York
  • Nursery ~ Alicia Voorhies, The Soft Landing
  • Strollers & Carriers ~ Green Sisterhood
  • Toys ~ Kimberly Pinkson, EcoMom Alliance

Download the Non-Toxic Baby Shopping Guide, then share it with three other moms you know right now! After all, women make almost 85% of consumer decisions, and when we support companies making safe products, we have the power to shift the entire marketplace.

You can also shop Liz's "Mommy Personal Care Picks" right here, right now!