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Psst – Have You Ever Heard Of…?

While we do know a lot of things about what ingredients go into making a truly good product, we’re not omniscient when it comes to actually finding them. Think you’ve discovered a product or brand that’s totally safe and super effective, and would be a great fit for our site? Let us know!

If we end up carrying the product or brand because of your recommendation, we'll thank you with a $50 True Goods Gift Certificate. If they happen to already be on our radar or in the process of coming aboard, we’ll let you know and encourage you to keep the recommendations coming.

As we like to say, sharing is caring - so thank you, for spreading the love and passing along phenomenal product recommendations to make shopping safer, easier, and a whole lot more fun for everyone!

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To make a recommendation simply send an email with the required information to our purchasing department.

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