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The founder of Seeking Health, Dr. Benjamin Lynch, ND, holds a bachelor of science degree in cell and molecular biology and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, the nation's leading naturopathic medical school. His studies allowed him to focus on the mind-body connection, environmental and functional medicine, and epigenetics, which he brings to the knowledge base behind Seeking Health.

Seeking Health was created with a focus on health promotion rather than symptom treatment. The root causes for many health conditions and symptoms stem from ineffective digestion, environmental exposures, poor diet and the lack of a healthy life balance. The team at Seeking Health believes in order to remain healthy in spite of toxic products, nutrient depleted soils, and high-stress environments, taking pure, absorbable, well-formulated nutritional supplements is essential. Their true passion is prevention, with a mission to help people get better and stay better. Seeking Health wants your foundation to be rock solid, and they provide the tools to get you there.