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Liz's Story

The decision to lead a healthier, more socially conscious life should be both easy to make and simple to execute. Unfortunately for most people this is not the case, which I appreciate all too well. When environmental factors began impacting the health of my family, I struggled to cultivate a toxin-free zone within my own home. I realized quickly this was no easy task. In fact, it was one of the hardest challenges I’d ever faced. With so many obstacles and confusing, misleading information what should have been a straightforward undertaking soon became thoroughly overwhelming - and frustrating.

The tipping point came after a particularly long vigil in the personal care aisle of my neighborhood natural grocery store. Searching for a safe shampoo for my daughter, bottle after bottle what I found weren’t ‘whole’ ingredients but rather harmful substances masked by greenwashing claims like ‘all natural,’ ‘organic’ and ‘xyz-free.’ Instead of giving up and giving in, I went home empty-handed yet determined to solve this problem once and for all. I imagined a trustworthy company whose products and purposes were truly good, a place where shopping would be fun again – it had been so long…

This is the story of True Goods.

Finally, a one-stop online marketplace created by a woman you can trust with goods you can get behind. My safety standards are non-negotiable, period. If I wouldn't use something with my own family, in my own home, it's not going in the store.

True Goods® also offers a Consciously Curated® online learning, sharing, and shopping experience for people who care about style, quality, clean living and social responsibility. My aim is to help customers harness their purchasing power to create healthier lives and a more sustainable environment. The doors of True Goods are open to anyone looking for easy ways to make safe, meaningful choices.

Welcome home.

~ XOXO, Liz

* * *

With degrees in psychology, clinical social work, health coaching and integrative nutrition, and graduate studies in business and organizational psychology, I consider myself the consummate problem solver, believing we all have the right to know what’s in the products we bring into our homes. What fuels me is a passion for preventive health, a commitment to clean living, and a strong belief in informed wellness care.

True Goods’ Consciously Curated ® selection of household goods and personal care products have been rigorously investigated and held to unparalleled safety standards. This means only perfectly pure, toxin-free products are sold. I'm delighted and humbled to offer True Goods to people craving solutions for healthier, safer, cleaner living.