FAQs – True Goods

What Does Consciously Curated® Mean?

Great question! It means that with great awareness and deliberation we sift through and select ‘the goods’ presented on our site, from editorial content and resources to the products we’re proud to carry. Eyes wide open, we hand pick a convenient selection of the safest, best-designed, most effective and socially responsible products. Our experts in the areas of prevention, environmental health and clean living inform and monitor our product selection process, which always starts by putting our customers’ needs first and asking the question: “What products do people use the most – on, in and around themselves – and how can we discover only the safest, most effective versions of these?” Finding goods to offer and companies we want to work with is not an easy task, in fact it’s difficult…very difficult. But our mission is to do the hard work so our customers don’t have to. For more info about our curation process, click here.

How Does True Goods® Select Products?

We know our customers care most about the safety of products for themselves and their families and won’t tolerate toxins or harmful ingredients. Luckily, neither do we. That’s why we’ve set the highest bar for rigorous, science-based health and safety standards. Additionally, we require that the products we carry must move people toward better health and our environment toward greater sustainability. Bottom line: safety comes first and everything else is icing on the cake. To learn more about our company values and standards, click here.

Is Shopping Online Environmentally Conscious?

According to a study from Carnegie Mellon's Green Design Institute, online shopping is almost always more energy efficient than going to a store in person. The report states that “ecommerce is the less energy-consumptive option approximately 80% of the time,” citing customer transportation to and from brick-and-mortar stores as the single most important factor. More energy is used in transportation than in packaging, warehousing and personal computing, as well as in running retail stores and data centers. This may seem counterintuitive when you think about delivery trucks and all those packages arriving on your doorstep, but on average online shopping uses about 30% less energy than traditional retail. That’s great news! And what’s also great, True Goods uses environmentally responsible packaging whenever possible.

Are Your Shipping Materials Eco-Friendly?

You'll notice that many of the boxes we use to ship out goodies are recycled (thanks Amazon ;). This doesn't mean we don't care - quite the contrary! We care so much about reusing materials already available that we sacrifice a teensy bit of style for the benefit of conservation. Good deal, no?

Our other priority is ensuring that your products arrive in perfect condition, which means that sometimes we will use plastic materials like bubble wrap for extra protection. Frequently, these materials are harvested from our friends and family's packages and recycled into yours. While not the greenest solution, this ensures your satisfaction and reduces the need for return shipments and their resultant carbon emissions.

How Can I Learn More About The Brands You Carry?

Simple. Check out their collection page, which can be found under the 'Shop' drop-down menu. If you know the name of the brand you’re looking for already, simply search by their name in our search bar header.

Can I Write Product Reviews? 

Absolutely, we hope you do! Jot down your rants and raves and send them on over to us. If your review passes muster, we'll post it. Honesty and clarity are much appreciated. Also, remember to review only products you’ve purchased and used, and keep in mind that True Goods has the right to reject any reviews we deem inappropriate, offensive, or generally unsuitable for public posting.