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Have A Not-So-Scary Halloween

Let’s be real, those Skittles colors are as unnatural as the evening’s theme. But does this mean no candy for the kiddos and your house being pegged as that family who passes out pencils, pennies or apples? Have no fear! Here are some tips on candies and costumes that should help you navigate Halloween's dangerous waters while remaining cool as a toxin-free cat.

Purely Playtime

If there's one thing we're all extremely careful about, it’s what reaches our children. We make sure to regulate ‘potty language,’ junk food, inappropriate behavior, bullying ~ the list goes on. But what about during playtime? Are you sure that your youngsters’ toys are safe? Follow these simple guidelines to make shopping for toys and kids’ items worry and toxin-free!

Flame Retardant Safety ~ What Say the EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency will review 20 flame retardants used in common household items, in response to mounting research linking these chemicals to cancer, neurological damage and other health effects. The EPA will conduct risk assessments on four of the chemicals under the existing Toxic Substances Control Act, legislation that the agency acknowledges needs to be reformed in order to better protect Americans from toxic chemicals.

Don’t Get Burned! Sunscreen Safety Redefined

We all know that increased exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, but did you know that your brand of sunscreen may not lower that risk, and may even pose new risks of its own? This week, with insights from Dr. Debby, we’ll review what to look for in a sunscreen in order to maximize protection and minimize risk so you can have a worry-free summer.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s easy to fall into a rut with gift giving by the time Mother’s Day rolls around. Seriously, how many lead-laden coffee mugs can one woman have? Answer ~ way too many! Luckily, I’ve done the legwork for you and prepared some fresh, body-friendly finds that the moms in your life will love to use and that you'll feel good about giving. After all, few things are as important as mom's happiness and health.

Spring Cleaning Without that Chemical Smell

HAVEN Organic Spring Cleaning Products

If spring is a time for freshness, then nothing could be more counterproductive than covering your bathroom in chlorine or blasting your kitchen with bleach. Obvious problems emerge when you spray your cleaner and feel sick to your stomach, or experience throat tightness. While there's a bevy of DIY cleaning recipes online, who's got the time? Instead, here's what I'm digging these days...

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Giving a meaningful gift to that special someone on Valentine’s Day just feels so right. Of course it’s the thought that truly counts, but still… Finding something thoughtful and original is key. Here's my updated cheat-sheet for choosing the best gifts to keep everyone on your list happy, healthy, hot-and-heavy this holiday!

Holiday Pet Proofing Tips

While some holiday treats (like chocolate) and decorations (like tinsel) are well known as toxic and/or dangerous to pets, others such as mistletoe are less obvious and often forgotten from one year to the next.  A friendly reminder of holiday pet hazards never hurts. So we at True Goods have compiled a list of holiday meal ingredients and decorations that are either worth eliminating, replacing with a safer alternative, or using with caution. 

Winter Proof Your Skin

Everything’s a little drier here in Colorado (even after a massive 100-year flood!), especiallyour skin. Living 5,280 miles above sea level means less oxygen and less moisture. The low humidity, low air pressure, and higher altitudes causes moisture to evaporate at a much faster pace, leaving our skin extra depleted, itchy, and...

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