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About True Goods


Who We Are

True Goods® is a socially conscious and mission driven company that believes we all have the right to know what’s in the products we bring into our homes. We understand that with so many obstacles – long lists of ingredients, growing rates of corporate greenwashing, complex and conflicting information – smart shopping has become near impossible…until now.

Shopping should be fun, not frightening! With True Goods, your worrying days are over because we’ve done the research and asked all the tough questions for you.

We offer a Consciously Curated® selection of household goods and personal care products that have been rigorously investigated and held to our unparalleled safety standards. And - the icing on the cake - we also feature assessments, articles, and useful resources to help you become a more efficient and informed consumer. Let True Goods help you make simple choices for healthier, safer, cleaner living.

Our Mission & Values

We believe that competitive business practices and supporting the social good can and should go hand-in-hand.

Our mission is to provide the safest, most Consciously Curated® selection of clean living products to discerning and passionate customers who want an honest, trustworthy, engaging and stylish one-stop online market for most of their shopping needs, from everyday essentials to gifts and specialty items.

We hope to become a force for positive change by emphasizing shared value and social innovation as integral to our business strategy. We embrace transparency and responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact on our communities and the lives we touch.

Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR ~ What It Means to Us

  • We know our customers care most about the safety of products for themselves and their families and won’t tolerate toxins or harmful ingredients. Luckily, neither do we. That’s why we’ve set the highest bar for rigorous, science-based health and safety standards. Additionally, we require that the products we carry must move people toward better health and our environment toward greater sustainability.
  • While customers can trust that we won’t fall prey to misleading labeling practices, we respect their right to know what’s in every product we carry. Through our corporate mission, ethics, honesty, transparency, social responsibility, safety standards, valuable editorial and quality products, we’ll earn your trust and loyalty. We’ll also empower you to shop smarter through assessments, cutting-edge in-house editorial, educational initiatives, and links to resources, tips and news updates.
  • We believe purchasing = power and focus our efforts on making change, not just a buck. That’s why we promote true and meaningful progress by encouraging our customers to “put your money where your heart is.” We also believe that all True Goods stakeholders should feel valued and validated – from our employees to our product suppliers to our customers, and everyone in-between.
  • Unfortunately, quality products with thoughtful ingredients are still rare, which is why we don’t devalue our brand partners by undercutting their prices. We take responsibility for protecting the good work of good companies and align our retailing best practices with fair pricing that respects both our suppliers’ honest efforts and our customers’ pocket books.
  • Giving back is an obligation, not a trend. Problems to solve and challenges to overcome are countless, so we’ve built our giving strategy to maximize both reach and impact. We involve our customers in the decisions we make about the organizations we support and the extent to which we donate profits, and each year we select new organizations to receive our truly good attention and support.