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Billy's Infinity Greens

Billy’s Infinity Greens founder, Billy Merritt, has been committed to a healthy, active lifestyle and the improvement of the health and well being of people around the world for over 17 years. Billy suffered his own health struggle when he incurred head trauma, resulting in brain lesions. He was determined to recover naturally, which led him to pursue the healing power of nature’s medicinal superfoods.

Over the years, Billy has fine-tuned and diligently created his superior blue-green algae based superfood nutrition formula, Infinity Greens, as well as the ultimate immune boosting Infinity-C, and Infinity Protein featuring soy and whey-free, pure plant protein. The Infinity Green, Infinity-C, and Infinity Protein formulas are also available in bars for nutritious meals on-the-go.

All formulas are grass-free, which makes them easy to digest, especially for those with gluten sensitivity. Billy uses organic spirulina, blue-green Klamath algae, and chlorella because they are known to be nutritionally superior and more effective superfoods, and are easily digestible by everyone. Ingredients are sourced from suppliers using ecological, sustainable and fair trade practices in order to insure superior ingredients and equitable business dealings, and each is 100% organic, wild-crafted, raw, vegan and gluten-free.

Billy’s Infinity products blend together the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes available anywhere providing your body with everything you need nutritionally. In fact, they were created to replace your daily multivitamins!

Most traditional multivitamins are synthetically produced, meaning they’ve been crafted by recreating the various molecular structures of natural nutrients on a chemical level. Our bodies only absorb about 10% of synthetic nutrients under optimal circumstances, which can put the kidney under extra strain to filter out simulated “nutrients” that your system doesn’t recognize.

Mother Nature ultimately provides the best nutrition, and that’s why every nutrient in Billy’s Infinity Greens, Infinity-C and Infinity Protein blends are absorbed and used by our bodies 100%.