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Molly's Suds

100% Wool Dryer Balls

$ 20.00

Molly's Suds

100% Wool Dryer Balls

$ 20.00

Replace the need for toxic fabric softeners with Molly’s Suds 100% hand felted Wool Dryer Balls, which last up to 1,000 loads in the dryer, or three years, and reduce drying time. 

Sourced from humanely sheared sheep, these wool dryer balls are compostable and antimicrobial, naturally soften fabrics, and are great for all laundry, including towels, comforters, clothing, baby laundry, delicates and cloth diapers. Because the wool does not coat the fibers of fabrics with toxins like conventional fabric softeners do, it does not help to prevent static cling. However, try one of our handy tips below to combat the static. Safe for all dryers.

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Reasons We Love These

  • Reduce drying time by 15-30% depending on the number of dryer balls and the size of the load of laundry
  • Reduce wrinkles...do I hear less time ironing!?
  • They don't shed and are triple washed to remove lanolin but if you have a wool allergy play it safe and don't buy any woolies
  • Soften laundry due to their amazing ability to efficiently add to the conductivity of the heat in your dryer
  • Wool naturally holds moisture releasing it as the cycle runs
  • Most importantly they replace the need for dryer sheets and fabric softener!

Need we say more?

~ Set of 3 balls


  • Add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to your rinse cycle, in place of fabric softener in the cup
  • Add 2-3 extra large safety pins to old socks and keep them in the dryer ~ the metal helps break static bonds
  • After about 3-5 minutes of dryer time, pull out fleece, sweat pants, and workout apparel to air dry, while continuing to dry the fabrics that do not create static. Almost 90% of the time, static is caused by fleece and other synthetic fibers, like rayon, microfiber, fleece, polyester and “blends”.

100% Wool

The good folks at Molly’s Suds are not going to “greenwash” you into a purchase. They believe in ingredient integrity, and formulations and products that are safe for people and the planet. Baby Molly’s footprints are on the back of every one of their products to remind you that they're safe for even your tiniest family member.

With infertility and fetal death on the rise, we have to take a stand for our future. Toxins are all around us and Molly's Suds is truly making a difference in people’s lives.

Molly’s Suds products are trusted by people against toxins. They're rated “A” in the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning. Special thanks for all of you taking the next step to a toxin free home!