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S.W. Basics

All-Natural Body Scrub

$ 22.00

S.W. Basics

All-Natural Body Scrub

$ 22.00

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SW Basics' natural body scrub is like dessert for your body. That said, lots of people have told me they like it just fine as dessert for their faces and mouths.

Whoever you are, you're sure to enjoy this simply supreme mix of coarse organic demerara sugar and organic shredded coconut for exfoliation, plus some moisturizing organic coconut oil. Delicious!


  • 4.75 oz glass apothecary jar
  • Only 3 all-natural ingredients
  • Vegan / Organic / Gluten-free


Apply to wet skin. Lick hands.

    100% Natural Ingredients ~ Demerara Sugar, Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil,* Shredded Coconut*

    * Certified Organic

    S.W. Basics manufactures "no-frills skincare." Not only do they cut out synthetic chemicals, they also leave out trendy, exotic botanicals and luxury fillers. Instead, they use the fewest possible ingredients for effective skincare. All products are made simpler for a reason: fewer ingredients means higher potency and less chance for irritation, which is why they're even great for sensitive skin.

    All of S.W. Basics' ingredients are either certified organic, fair trade, or sourced from small family farms. The company is committed to creating the most effective products in the most responsible way, taking all their ethical obligations into account.

    The company's mission goes beyond great skincare. They are committed to making sure that their customers can feel great about every step of the supply chain. Their products contribute to the overall health of communities by supporting family farmers, small American manufacturers, and values-driven partners.