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Conscious Cleanse

Conscious Cleanse ~ Book

$ 16.95 $ 14.95

Conscious Cleanse

Conscious Cleanse ~ Book

$ 16.95 $ 14.95

Cleanse Your Body. Transform Your Life.

In 2003, co-author Jo Schaalman was a nationally ranked diver and a pre-med honors graduate ready to start a promising career as a doctor. But while leading a 3,000-mile bike tour of the U.S., she was hit by a truck. Her survival led to a long recovery accompanied by chronic, debilitating pain, weight gain, and depression that modern medicine could not relieve. Then came a breakthrough – the realization about the healing powers of food.

With Julie Peláez as her mentor and friend, Jo learned to be conscious of her health and the food she put in her body at a deeper level than ever before. By listening to her body, practicing yoga, filtering out the mindless eating of empty calories and processed food, by being conscious of her real needs, it was possible to take control of her own well-being. Her new conscious lifestyle brought her healing and a sense of vibrancy beyond anything she'd known prior to her injury.

Together Jo and Julie have spent years researching, developing, and refining their Conscious Cleanse program to similarly dramatic results and success stories. Participants in the program have experienced results from weight loss to relief from anxiety, depression, ADD, high cholesterol, chronic pain, PMS, migraines, eczema, acne, insomnia, addictions, allergies, and even early-onset menopause and diabetes.

In this simple, 14-day program, readers get:

  • A day-by-day plan for weaning off harmful foods
  • Easy weight loss without starvation
  • Guidance on incorporating whole foods in an easy and simple way
  • Shopping lists of readily-available whole foods for getting started
  • Meal plans for each day of the cleanse and beyond
  • Dozens of delicious whole-food recipes
  • Techniques for continuing a sustainable conscious eating lifestyle long after the cleanse is completed
  • Inspiration to live a conscious, vibrant life full of vitality, humor, forgiveness, and self-acceptance

About the Authors

Jo Schaalman is a Nutrition Therapist who leads nationwide nutrition and yoga workshops focusing on transformative healing and optimal health. Through her personal journey of debilitating allergies and a devastating bike crash, she has learned how to heal herself. She shares the wisdom she's gained in healing and nutrition through her popular yoga classes and the Conscious Cleanse program, helping people find their optimal health. She has worked closely with great mentors such as yoga master Ana Forrest and Dr. Theron Randolph, both cutting-edge healers in their fields.

Julie Peláez has been a certified Bikram yoga instructor for nearly a decade and is a Holistic Health coach. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with experts like David Wolfe and Dr. Andrew Weil. She is grateful to bring her passion for vibrant health, raw food and personal transformation to her work as a health coach and to the Conscious Cleanse. Julie hopes to inspire people to journey inward, to discover their own truth in service of living a purpose-driven life.

Josh Dinar is cofounder and publisher of DiningOut magazine, a network of North American regional dining publications. He has written for many publications and websites, including SKI MagazineDelicious LivingNatural Foods Merchandiser, and Wild Blue Yonder (Frontier Airlines' in-flight magazine). He has authored a pictorial history of Denver entitled Denver Then & Now. Josh is on the board of directors of Lighthouse Writers in Denver and is a co-owner of H BurgerCO, a small chain of American grills in Colorado.

    Hope, Health and Happiness

    Jules and Jo met nearly a decade ago as a result of having common passions for whole food nutrition and yoga. Over the years, Jules and Jo have led countless cleanse workshops in Boulder, CO. Realizing a desire to further bring together yoga, cleansing and mindful eating, they developed the Conscious Cleanse.

    The results of that first Conscious Cleanse were nothing short of extraordinary, and they knew they had to share their simple formula for vibrant health with the world.

    This is the foundation of the Conscious Cleanse!

    Jules and Jo created the Conscious Cleanse by pulling from their own personal journeys, their time spent individually as health coaches, and decades of studying yoga, personal development, and nutrition. Although they talk about food, weight loss and cleansing, what really lights them up is helping people to design and live their best lives.

    Their mission is to create programs that help people feel good in their body so they can connect to a deeper place within themselves and access true healing. Jules and Jo will call forth your vibrant self so that you can start living your best life today. This has been their journey, and they are grateful to share it with you.

    About Jo & Jules

    Nutrition Therapist Jo Schaalman and Certified Health Coach Julie Peláez are co-authors of The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life in 14 Days, a best-selling, step-by-step guide to feeling vibrant. Together, they’ve led thousands of people through their online-supported cleanse that offers an accessible, light-hearted approach to detoxification. They’ve been dubbed “the real deal” by Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and beauty editor at the TODAY Show.