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No-Wash Stain Remover ~ Organic

$ 3.99


No-Wash Stain Remover ~ Organic

$ 3.99

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Good-bye mystery spots! This organic, highly concentrated no-wash stain remover from BuggyLOVE is safe for use on cotton, linen, micro-suede and most other fabrics. This magic tangerine potion will allow you to easily and naturally remove hard-to-lift stains on furniture, upholstery, clothes and more.


  • Choose 1 oz Travel / 4 oz Regular bottle
  • Organic ingredients
  • Made for parents, by parents


Shake well and squirt solution directly onto soiled area. Rub vigorously with a microfiber cloth until stain vanishes. For deep cleaning, use a gentle fiber brush in tandem with a microfiber cloth. Do not spot clean delicate fabrics; instead, generously apply solution to entire surface area and wipe evenly.


I smell yummy but I am not a food. Do not drink me. If consumed do not induce vomiting, call a physician. If contacted with eyes, flush with plenty of water. I look pretty, but I am not a toy. Do not play with me.

Perfectly Pure Ingredients ~ aqua (purified water), organic soapwort herb, coco-betain (saponified coconut oil), organic olive oil, seaweed extract, celtic sea salt, organic herbal blend of lavender flowers, horsetail herb, witch hazel bark, organic guar gum, citrus seed extract, organic sweet orange essential oils


BuggyLOVE’s coco-betain is naturally derived from coconut oil, being boiled for a number of days to fractionate the molecules, which is how soap is made. This is a longer, more expensive process that protects people and the environment from contaminants and chemicals. Other manufacturers often use a “quick and dirty” saponification process, which is incredibly unnatural and results in a different ingredient, namely cocamidopropyl betain, which is NOT in this product.

BuggyLOVE’s citrus seed extract is naturally derived from lemon and orange. Grapefruit seed extract (GSE), also known as citrus seed extract, is a liquid derived from the seeds, pulp, and white membranes of grapefruit. Self-made all-natural GSE is processed in the laboratory WITHOUT solvents or synthetic agents, and is prepared by grinding the grapefruit seed and juiceless pulp, then mixing with glycerin. This is how BuggyLOVE makes their citrus seed extract. Other manufacturers often use commercially available GSE, which is made from the seed, pulp, glycerin, and synthetic preservatives all blended together. BuggyLOVE does NOT use this commercial grade ingredient, instead making and deriving their own natural citrus seed extract in-house.

BuggyLOVE began as a simple conversation between two couples, old friends, both first-time parents. Exasperated by the ongoing chore of cleaning formula from stroller fabrics and baby gear, and shocked by the dirt and grime that would accumulate on a daily basis, they set out to find organic, safe and effective cleaning products. None met their high standards so they decided to create their own ~ and BuggyLOVE was born!

BuggyLOVE has earned the love of parents and stroller manufacturers alike. Says Bumbleride: “To save time, electricity and water, we recommend BuggyLOVE’s organic stroller cleaning kits that have tested with great success.”

Happy parents agree: “The items smell heavenly, they really WORK on stains and smells, and they are so organic you don’t have to worry about exposing your baby to harmful chemicals.”