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Glob Colors

Single Natural Paint Packets

$ 2.75

Glob Colors

Single Natural Paint Packets

$ 2.75

Each of these all-natural paints from Glob Colors is made from fruits, veggies and herbs, with natural ingredients and organic extracts. This means you'll be enjoying fruity aromas while you paint!

Color Options

  • Lemon Verbena Yellow
  • Berry Blue
  • Pomegranate Red
  • Tangerine Orange
  • Plum Purple
  • Basil Green


  • Perfect for gifting, holidays and stocking stuffers, especially alongside these artisan harvest-themed watercolor prints and bamboo paint brushesAlso makes a great classroom or teacher gift for back-to-school.
  • Paints can be similar to watercolor or fingerpaint depending upon how much water is used. Wonderful for use with paper, unfinished wood, collages and also homemade play-dough.
  • Paints are natural, non-toxic and conform to safety standards ASTM D 4236, EN71 and the CPSIA.
  • Vegan, gluten-free and made in California
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up.
  • Colors may stain ~ it's only natural...


1 part pigment to 1 part water. Wet paint with lids can be saved for several weeks. Each packet makes 2 oz of paint. Ideal for multiple uses ~ a little goes a long way! Easy clean up with soap and water.

All-Natural Paints ~ Gum arabic, corn starch, natural colors (one or more of the following: fruit, vegetable, flower, and herb pigments), and organic extracts. May also contain food and skin safe potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate to prevent molding.

Glob founder and artist Ashley Phelps, is gratified to offer parents, schools and teachers a safer choice for craft products. After working as a children’s art teacher, she searched high and low for truly green art supplies. With very few options on the market, she decided to make her own.

Ashley’s all-natural formulations for art, craft and body paints use only natural, botanical (even food-grade) color sources and organic extracts: plants, vegetables and herbs. The pigments are naturally vibrant and have been used safely and effectively for color since the beginning of time. Also, Glob offers the only natural, non-nano face paints available!


You may have noticed that arts and crafts products do not list ingredients. Consumers rely upon "non toxic" certification, believing that their art materials have undergone sufficient testing to ensure the products they use are safe. Don't let these labels fool you.

Art pigments (colors) are commonly made from petrochemicals, and the actual hazards of these materials are not always known. In the US, synthetic pigments that have never been tested for toxicity can be labeled "non-toxic." The rationale? There is no data to prove otherwise.

Arts and crafts paints also often contain a host of toxic ingredients like formaldehyde (a carcinogen), one of the most common paint preservatives. Paints may not only be hazardous to the consumer, but also the environment. Certified "non-toxic" pigments can still be toxic to fish and other wildlife.

Glob uses all natural food colors in their paints, which are sustainable and biodegradable, making them safe to wash down the sink and into our water supply. They also conform to the safety standards of the U.S., and the comprehensive requirements of Europe, Canada and Australia.