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Holiday Pet Proofing Tips

While some holiday treats (like chocolate) and decorations (like tinsel) are well known as toxic and/or dangerous to pets, others such as mistletoe are less obvious and often forgotten from one year to the next.  A friendly reminder of holiday pet hazards never hurts. So we at True Goods have compiled a list of holiday meal ingredients and decorations that are either worth eliminating, replacing with a safer alternative, or using with caution. 

Tips to Reduce Pet Cancer Risk

May is Pet Cancer Awareness month and here at True Goods take this topic very seriously. Pet cancer rates are increasing, but in the same ways we can make lifestyle, environmental, and behavioral changes to reduce our own risk of cancer, so too can we take proactive control of our pets’ health and wellness. Here's how...

Natural Remedies for Healthy Pet Paws

If your dog or cat is suffering from allergies and/or yeast infections of the paw (e.g., candida), or has come into contact with poisonous or toxic substances, giving them a foot soak is very important. Toxins left on the paws can migrate into your pet’s bloodstream and over time increase their toxic load, compromise their immune system, and trigger the development of diseases such as cancer.

Become Kitty Litter Literate

Non-toxic cat litter is a wise option for the health-conscious cat owner and those concerned about the environment. Kitty litter with toxic chemical additives increases the chance of respiratory problems developing in both the cat using the litter and the humans who may inhale some of the kicked-up dust. Litter without toxins can be just as effective, or even more so, than toxic litter.