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What Does Detoxification Really Mean?

What Does Detoxification Really Mean?

What does it actually mean when someone says they’re doing a detox? There are many different kinds of detoxification protocols, and many perspectives on how they're done. For instance, doing a detox to enhance your health and address a specific condition is very different than doing a dietary cleanse twice a year. The truth is that detoxing, while something that we all feel we should do, may in fact not be a good idea for everyone. Dr. Mary Shackelton explains...

Cheers for a Conscious Cleanse!

While I generally caution folks about hopping on the latest cleanse craze or detox fad (check out our recent post  Detox is a Journey), the Conscious Cleanse program is well suited for most people. It's gentle, filling, food-based and grounded in sound nutritional science. Better yet, it surrounds you with a super supportive group that empowers cleansers to tune into their body's own voice and needs.