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Candle Conundrum ~ To Burn or Not to Burn?

The idea of holidays and toxins may not seem to go together, yet candles and fragrances traditionally used to set the scene are often some of the biggest chemical culprits! So when creating memories with loved ones this season, why not make sure they’re happy and healthy ones...

Holiday Scenting Secrets
Most candles, perfumes, and air fresheners come laden with synthetic musks and hormone disrupting chemical culprits like phthalates, which can lead to fertility problems in both men and women, among other concerns. In fact, fragrances have been found to contain an average of 14 toxic chemicals from allergens to neurotoxins and everything in between.

So what’s a hostess to do? You’d like to create the perfect ambiance for your holiday fêtes, but also want to make sure you’re not compromising safety for scenting. Not to worry. Here are some simple tips to staying fragrance safe.
Venting Is Good + Other Tips to Detox Your Air

Home ventilation and indoor climate control are important, but removing the sources responsible for off-gassing is a more impactful first step. After all, prevention trumps remediation any day! Need some inspiration to tackle your own home detox? Here’s what I’m spritzing, scooping and savoring this spring cleaning season.

Top Tips to Detox Your Home

"Detox Your Home" by Liz Wasserman, True Goods Founder/CEO, is being featured in Green Child Magazine’s Winter 2014 Issue. To read the full article, click here. For a taste of what you’ll discover, here’s a quick and handy excerpt… “Shopping allows you to be an advocate. It’s the perfect vehicle for creating change, for doing good...

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