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Survive the Spring Thaw with Plum Kernel Oil

Survive the Spring Thaw with Plum Kernel Oil | True Goods

Spring is springing, and the end of snowbound days are close enough to touch. Not only is it the time of year for daffodils and paper whites emerging from their underground beds, but it’s also the time of year for indecisive weather. And that, unfortunately, means cases of very confused skin. In times like these, moisturizers that are light, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing are a must. Enter your new favorite emollient ~ plum kernel oil.

Skip Sketchy Chemicals and Organically Pamper Your Kids

Bath and skin products are absorbed into the skin as well as inhaled. If you care about what’s going into your child’s belly, you’re bound to care what is going on their skin and into their lungs as well. When we’ve got such a wide selection of good-smelling, phthalate and paraben-free skin and bath products for our kiddos, the question we should be asking is ~ is a few extra bucks off conventional soap worth risking our kids’ long term health? Featuring Zoe Organics