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Natural Remedies for Healthy Pet Paws

If your dog or cat is suffering from allergies and/or yeast infections of the paw (e.g., candida), or has come into contact with poisonous or toxic substances, giving them a foot soak is very important. Toxins left on the paws can migrate into your pet’s bloodstream and over time increase their toxic load, compromise their immune system, and trigger the development of diseases such as cancer.

Clean’s the New “Green”

At the heart of the “going green” movement is the issue of sustainability. It’s about finding ways to address the needs of the current generation without fouling things up for generations to come. The mission itself seems simple and self-explanatory. Who couldn’t get behind something like it?  Unfortunately, what “green”...

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Going Green During Pregnancy

An excerpt from the book “Green Body, Green Birth ” by Mary Oscategui When starting on green journey and understanding what green means specifically to you, there comes what is called “The Discovery Stage.” This is the stage where one becomes excited about the discovery of new information, but this is...

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