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  • Elizabeth Wasserman
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Tips for Healthy Holiday Entertaining

‘Tis the season again...

Holiday fêtes and hosting opportunities, party favors and hostess gifts. From November through New Year’s, everyone looks forward to getting that little envelope in the mail, or that Evite, or maybe this year it’s your turn to organize something fabulous yourself.

So much fun also comes with some standard dilemmas. What do I serve? Who do I invite? What do I bring the hostess that’s got everything? Juggling these quandaries makes it double tough to harmonize your party priorities with your healthy living resolutions. Not to worry, I've got some simple tips to make this holiday season sparkle and shine.

Tip 1 ~ Decorations & Scents

First thing’s first, you need to set the perfect party atmosphere. Most fragrances found in typical candles and air fresheners are actually filled with an average of 14 toxic chemicals. This year, let’s avoid the headaches and hormone disruption and stick with non-toxic, scrumptiously scented options.

Some of my favorites come from rareEARTH. Their enchantingly scented soy candles contain pure essential oils and are free from toxic chemicals, harmful synthetics and endocrine disruptors. They’re also gorgeously hand-pigmented with natural minerals by expert artisans. rareEARTH's line of mini room diffusers is another perfect way to give each room its own personality without the phthalate overload you get from conventional ‘fragranced’ air fresheners.

For a quick spritz of pine scented heaven, I recommend Haven’s Wildwood Air & Linen Refresh Spray. The rest of their cleaning line is packaged in bottles so gorgeous you’ll want to leave them out on the counter!

Tip 2 ~ Serving Your Guests

No party is complete without finger foods, desserts and a festively themed cocktail or two. What also matters is what these goodies are served on and with. Avoiding plastic is my number one suggestion, especially if you’re serving anything hot. BPA-infused hot toddy anyone? Didn’t think so.

To look stylish and smart, try prepping and presenting your treats with organic kitchen crafts from Bambu Home. From beautiful cutting boards and handy cooking utensils to hip coasters and hors d’oeuvres trays, this sustainable company represents the ‘best of the best’ in organically sourced bamboo. With non-toxic glues and finishes, these eco-chic essentials are as safe as they are versatile.

Tip 3 ~ Setting the Table

If you hate ironing tablecloths, raise your hand. Good news, you can now step away from the wrinkle releaser. It’s filled with tons of toxic chemicals, and I’ve got a safe and snappy trick that will save you the hassle of ironing. After washing your tablecloth, machine dry it for only 5 minutes. Then, while it’s still semi-damp, hang it flat over a shower curtain rod. Pull it tight, let it air dry, et voila! Wrinkle-free wonderfulness.

Tip 4 ~ Bring the Perfect Gift for the Host

Sometimes the best parties are the ones you don’t have to plan yourself. For such priceless events I never want to show up empty handed. Here are some suggestions for perfect thank you gifts that also keep your bank account intact.

  • Creatively designed and scented candles are an excellent choice, particularly for those hosts that enjoy the ambience and warmth of flickering light and evocative aromas.
  • For the host-with-the-most, consider giving luxurious pampering products. The beauty of this gift is that it’s something special just for them, which they might not have considered buying for themselves.
  • When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a fabulous bottle of wine. Simple, savory, slick. I say cheers to that!

Happy hosting and toasting!


  • Elizabeth Wasserman
  • conscious consumerholidayskitchen