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Tips to Reduce Pet Cancer Risk

May is Pet Cancer Awareness month and here at True Goods take this topic very seriously. Pet cancer rates are increasing. One out of every three dogs is affected and over half those will die. In the same ways we can make lifestyle, environmental, and behavioral changes to reduce our own risk of cancer, so too can we take proactive control of our pets’ health and wellness.

Tips for reducing your pet’s cancer risk:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep paws clean and healthy
  • Reduce calories and maintain a healthy weight
  • Feed whole foods, not processed foods
  • Feed an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Remove plastic and heavy metals from their toys and products
  • Avoid unnecessary vaccinations
  • Reduce exposure to daily toxins including:
    • Pesticide chemicals like flea and tick preventions
    • Lawn chemicals such as weed killers, herbicides, pest poisons, etc.
    • Tobacco smoke
    • Household cleaners such as detergents, soaps, cleansers, dryer sheets, bleaches, room deodorizers, anti-bacterial agents, etc.
  • Make your home pet proofed and/or establish “pet safe” rooms in your home

True Goods Approved

A toxin-free lifestyle can easily be adopted for your pet, which will reduce their overall exposure to harmful chemicals that we know or suspect to cause cancer and other adverse health concerns. As always, we’ve put your pet’s health and safety as our top priority when it comes to choosing products. Check out our cat and dog collections for a Consciously Curated ® selection of favorites that we know you and your pets will love as much as we do!

Furry hugs & high-fives,

~ Liz

  • Elizabeth Wasserman
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