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Cheers for a Conscious Cleanse!

While I consider myself a pretty health conscious person, and no one can argue I've done my fair share of detoxing and diet overhauling, I'm still human and fall off the wagon now and again like everyone else. The reality is, no one is or can be 100% perfect ~ sigh...

This past summer I found myself in familiar territory, sizing up my health and waistline after a winter season filled with both minor and major indulgences. From a toxin-free perspective, I’m very strict when it comes to what I put in and on my body, and what’s used in our home. However, this doesn’t mean I’m immune to the draw of a double chocolate brownie, a solid glass of wine, or some homespun mac n’ cheese.

That’s just life, and that’s fine!

Rather than dwell on what went awry (and something was definitely off judging by my sluggish gut, low energy and flaring skin), I chose to do something about it. I turned to some of the smartest, loveliest, and most dedicated women I know in the field of nutrition and cleansing Jo and Jules ~ nutrition experts, best-selling authors, and creators of The Conscious Cleanse.

Like I know toxin-free living, these gals know diet and wellness. Together we make a dreamy team, which is why I'm thrilled to announce we'll be offering The Conscious Cleanse here at True Goods. 

While I generally caution folks about hopping on the latest cleanse craze or detox fad (check out our recent post Detox is a Journey), this program is well suited for most people. It's gentle, filling, food-based and grounded in sound nutritional science. Better yet, it surrounds you with a super supportive group that empowers cleansers to tune into their body's own voice and needs.

Benefits of the LIVE 14-Day Conscious Cleanse

  • Improve Health, Wellbeing & Fitness
  • Boost Energy
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Ditch Diets for Good & Tame Cravings
  • Identify Food Allergies
  • Jumpstart Detoxification 

Good News ~ Registration Is Open

Join me along with our passionate community as we cleanse together starting November 1st. Reserve your spot today and take advantage of early bird pricing through Sunday, Oct 12 using code EBCC1114 for $25 off.

I truly hope you'll join me!

~ Health and hugs, Liz

  • Elizabeth Wasserman
  • cleansingdetoxhealth & wellness