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  • Survive the Spring Thaw with Plum Kernel Oil
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Survive the Spring Thaw with Plum Kernel Oil

Survive the Spring Thaw with Plum Kernel Oil | True Goods

And for all you speed-readers out there, that’s PLUM kernel oil, not palm. ;-)

Spring is springing, and the end of snowbound days are close enough to touch. Not only is it the time of year for daffodils and paper whites emerging from their underground beds, but it’s also the time of year for indecisive weather.

And that, unfortunately, means cases of very confused skin.

In times like these, moisturizers that are light, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing are a must. Enter your new favorite emollient ~ plum kernel oil.

One of the biggest upsides of plum kernel oil is its fatty acid content. That’s right, the thing that doctors and nutrition gurus are always telling us is good for our hair, skin, and brains. Turns out that it works not only in the form of your morning flaxseed supplements, but is also really healthy when applied to your skin. The lipids in your tissues that keep your cells plump and healthy need fatty acids to maintain normal synthesis and function.

In short, fatty acids are the keys to aging gracefully.

Plum kernel oil contains both oleic and linoleic fatty acids (omegas 6 and 9), the kinds also found in nuts, olives, and in our own bodies. Even the ancients knew the value of these oils to train skin and gut problems. Fatty acids are good for the immune system and prevent premature aging in our cells.

As with our other products, we look for plum kernel oil that is organic and full of vitamins and naturally healthy nutrients. Plum kernel oil contains lots of vitamin E, also known as y-tocopherol, which is not only super-good for your skin but also acts as a natural preservative for the oil itself! No need for hormone disrupting artificial preservatives here (cough**parabens**cough).

Plum kernel oil has an edge on other oils because it moisturizes without being too heavy, making it perfect for all different types of skin. 

Those prone to oiliness…no need to feel left out. It’s also non-comedogenic ~ meaning it won’t clog your pores. Combine that with being anti-inflammatory and what’s the skin-level result? Less redness, fewer fine lines, and rose-petal softness.

We are currently loving the heart of Napa Organics’ skincare line, their California Plum Kernel Oil. It comes in an earth-friendly 1 oz glass dropper bottle so you can be your own skincare mixologist. Apply it directly to the skin (think: parenthesis and crows feet), or combine it with the Prune + Walnut Facial Scrub.

Another helpful use of the plum kernel oil comes in the form of Napa Organics’ Agribeauty Travel Kit. Traveling can be a nightmare for your skin, with the combination of moisture-sucking recycled air, unpredictable temperature changes, and stress-induced breakouts. Having some plum kernel oil on hand can help calm any redness and combat dry conditions.

Best wishes and enjoy watching the earth revive and bloom in the coming weeks.

~ Liz

  • Elizabeth Wasserman
  • omega fatty acidsplum kernel oilskin care