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Tip Two ~ Give from the Heart

Join the #TakeBackThanksgiving movement!

During this entire week of thanks I'll be posting tips and ideas for ways you and your loved ones can Take Back Thanksgiving this year. Rather than spending money on cheap goods from deep discounters over the holiday weekend, perhaps you'd prefer spending time with the people you care about most, doing things that bring you closer together.

Sound good? Here's my second idea to get you in the mood...

Tip #2 ~ Give from the Heart

Now that you've enjoyed some good old fashioned family time cooking and baking up a storm, your kitchen probably looks like it’s ready for a middle-school bake sale! And if you're anything like me, you've probably gobbled down those Thanksgiving goodies like there's a famine coming. Likely, though, there's some delicious leftovers just the same. My suggestion? Share the love and give the rest away.

The holiday season is the perfect time to demonstrate the true spirit of giving.

What better way to show you care than by giving away the food you’re not going to eat, volunteering your time, or donating money to a cause you believe in? While we give thanks this coming week, let's not forget to also give back.

You don't have to shop True Goods over Thanksgiving weekend, but if you do, I'm saying thanks by donating 50% of profits from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to Brent's Place, a kids' cancer center right here in Denver, CO.

I'd love to hear how you're giving with heart this holiday!

Please share your stories and pictures with me using the hashtag  #TakeBackThanksgiving to show your support.

Happy and healthy giving,


  • Elizabeth Wasserman
  • #TakeBackThanksgivingcharitable givingholidays