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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Of course it’s the thought that truly counts, but still…

Giving a meaningful gift to that special someone on Valentine’s Day just feels so right. From lovers to family and friends, and everyone in between, finding something thoughtful and original is key.

How about a unique token of love and appreciation that's got no negative effects on the environment or your Valentine? Something that leaves a lasting impression on their senses, remembrance, health and wellbeing... Roses are red, violets are blue, choose a gift they’ll love that’s toxin-free too!


This holiday don't forget to spice things up and keep the fire alive! These goodies make up the ultimate treasure chest for setting the mood, fostering relaxation, and building intimacy:


These favorites will get your man in the mood for getting close:


    What woman wouldn't love a little more pampering and appreciation?! These decadent gifts will leave her feeling cherished and beautiful:


    For little ones, Valentine's Day is all about creativity and candy. These fun gifts are perfect for making homemade Valentine cards and cleaning off sugar bugs from all those chocolate kisses:

    Friends, Family + Co-Workers

    Totally fabulous tokens of appreciation and affection for any Valentine:



    Perfect presents for our playful and loving pals:

    • Honest Pet Toys ~ From the Eco-Fly-n-Tug for Fido to the Eco Pouncer for the Felix, Honest Pet toys are made of 100% natural materials like hemp, wool and organic catnip. Even better, Honest Pet provides economic and emotional support to individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities who make these pet-approved non-toxic toys. Each playful piece is handmade with love.

    Have a happy, healthy, hot-and-heavy Valentine’s Day!

    ~ XOXO, Liz

    • Elizabeth Wasserman
    • holidays