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  • Brand Spotlight ~ FIG+YARROW
  • Elizabeth Wasserman
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Brand Spotlight ~ FIG+YARROW

Simple and raw, minimalist and pure.

Handmade artisan personal care products made with virgin and organic ingredients, FIG+YARROW creations are not only beautifully orchestrated and packaged, they’re also wonderfully effective and formulated with the utmost integrity.

Founder Brandy Monique is inspired by the idea of improving people’s lives through her products.

She sources ingredients directly from farmers who treat the earth with respect and leave no footprint. She’s fabulously meticulous, and careful to use only raw ingredients that haven’t undergone processing or heating, as heat tends to deplete the materials of their beneficial and nutrient-rich properties.

Whether for men or women, each mixology masterpiece is full to the brim with blended essential and natural oils and nutrients that leave your skin nourished, repaired, balanced and radiant. Rosehip, hazelnut, argan, rosemary, pomegranate, sandalwood, green tea, and cucumber (just to name a select few) contribute their renowned benefits to the perfect personal care arsenal that is FIG+YARROW.

We’re proud to be working with Brandy and her F+Y family, and know that you will fall just as hard in love with them as we have.



  • Elizabeth Wasserman
  • brand spotlightnatural beautypersonal care