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  • Elizabeth Wasserman
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40 Days, 40% Off ~ New Beginnings

Spring brings new beginnings...

For those of you who live in Colorado you'll agree that this past week of non-stop storms and rain has been both trying and cleansing, inconvenient but also rejuvenating. So it goes with springtime each year ~ an annual opportunity to weather the last of winter storms, take stock of what's good and useful in our lives, and find the power to clean house on every level, be it psychic, emotional, physical or tangible.

Springtime awakens an "out with the old, in with the new" mentality, which has me taking stock (literally) of what's on the shelves here at True Goods.

With new products rolling in daily, and some tried and true favorites begging to be dusted off and celebrated again for their inarguable awesomeness, I've come up with a way to keep the flow of positive energy moving: 40% off of 40 products for 40 days!
The number forty has always had great symbolic meaning. When used in terms of time, it represents a period of probation. As the product of 5 and 8, it also signifies grace (5) ending in revival or a new beginning (8). When considering the factors of 4 and 10, it represents the creation of something (4) and perfection and completeness (10). What better number to anchor this spring with than forty?

So let's get started! Today is the first day of my campaign to start fresh in our lives with forty products I love at 40% off.

Each morning one new item will be posted for super sale on our Facebook page, along with that day's promo code. You'll have until day's end to snap it up. And don't forget to check back daily for fresh new deals through Father's Day, June 21st.

Here's to new beginnings in our lives!

xoxo, Liz
  • Elizabeth Wasserman
  • giveaways & promosspring cleaning