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Why BPA Won't Go Away

Bisphenol A (BPA) remains on top of the charts of high profile chemicals, holding this dubious distinction for several years now. While toxicologists don’t really have a top 40, it’s obvious that this one is the poster child for what can go wrong with today’s designer chemicals.

Household Products ~ A Global Health Threat

More than 800 man-made chemicals found in everyday products - in your household cleaners, makeup, electronics, canned food, and clothing - are becoming “a global threat that needs to be resolved,” according to a new report from the World Health Organization and United Nations Environment Program.

Flame Retardant Safety ~ What Say the EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency will review 20 flame retardants used in common household items, in response to mounting research linking these chemicals to cancer, neurological damage and other health effects. The EPA will conduct risk assessments on four of the chemicals under the existing Toxic Substances Control Act, legislation that the agency acknowledges needs to be reformed in order to better protect Americans from toxic chemicals.

Excerpt from Book “Preventing Autism & ADHD”

According to Liz Wasserman, True Goods Founder & CEO, "Parents can now benefit from Dr. Debby's guidance by reading this thorough and informative book – ideally before they start trying for a baby. Finally, there’s hope and help for families who want to make prevention an integral step in their fight against autism and ADHD!”

The Buzz On Cell Phones & Cancer

As of May 2013, 91% of American adults own cell phones, over half of which are smart phones. We use them in all parts of our lives, as messengers, alarm clocks, cameras, and calendars - and sometimes even for phone calls. With such an enormous increase in wireless activity in a relatively short period of time, it’s understandable that many people are concerned about the effects this may have on our health.

“The Detox” Campaign ~ Greenpeace Takes On the Fashion Industry + VIDEO

Greenpeace is well known as the world’s largest independent, direct-action environmental organization. This powerful group is now focusing attention on the fashion industry with their “The Detox” campaign, taking on some of the industry’s largest clothing brands and encouraging them to end their use of toxic chemicals.