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Shocking Truth ~ Toxic Chemicals & Body Burden + VIDEO

Kris Carr sits down with Heather White of EWG to dig into the topic of toxic chemicals and body burden, which every consumer needs to know about starting NOW! Your choices matter and they really do add up over time. This information is here to empower you, not to scare you. Slow and steady wins the race...

“The Detox” Campaign ~ Greenpeace Takes On the Fashion Industry + VIDEO

Greenpeace is well known as the world’s largest independent, direct-action environmental organization. This powerful group is now focusing attention on the fashion industry with their “The Detox” campaign, taking on some of the industry’s largest clothing brands and encouraging them to end their use of toxic chemicals.

Minimize Your Child’s Exposure to Lead

In an effort to minimize exposure to this potent neurotoxin, it’s critical to know where it hides. Some parents wrongly believe that lead is no longer of concern since it's no longer allowed in house paint, or that some exposure is ok since we were all exposed as children. Unfortunately current science shows that this is far from the truth. Here’s what the experts advise...

Choosing Safe, Eco-Friendly Toys

You’re probably careful about avoiding choking hazards and other common safety issues with toys, but did you know there are a wide variety of synthetic chemicals and heavy metals that could be in them? When did toys become a toxic minefield? Here are 12 ways you can reclaim fun and reduce worry when it comes to playtime.

EWG: Triclosan Makes Cleanup Tricky

Beware of a toxic chemical that you might encounter in cleanup products on your supermarket and drugstore shelves: triclosan. It's an antibacterial chemical found in many consumer products, especially liquid hand soap and dishwashing detergent. It is also an ingredient in some toothpastes, face washes, deodorants, and even antibacterial plastics and fabrics used for things like cutting boards, gym mats and shoe insoles.

Don’t Get Burned! Sunscreen Safety Redefined

We all know that increased exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, but did you know that your brand of sunscreen may not lower that risk, and may even pose new risks of its own? This week, with insights from Dr. Debby, we’ll review what to look for in a sunscreen in order to maximize protection and minimize risk so you can have a worry-free summer.